Are you interested in booking a photo-shoot?

Here are a few guidelines on pricing, usage licence, and what to consider when scheduling a shoot:

Choosing a date (weather and timing)

It can be difficult to align good weather and client availability – especially when photographing private homes. But waiting for a sunny day may not always be necessary! While a blue sky is certainly preferable for exterior shots, a cloudy day can often be better for interiors, resulting in more even and balanced light.

Exterior photographs are particularly nice when taken at dusk, with interior lights creating a beautiful contrast with the sky. In this case beautiful results can also be achieved on an overcast day.

Before arranging a date with a homeowner, ensure that they are available for a good chunk of the day – especially if dusk-photography is required. As much as I try to work around everyone’s availability, composing, styling, and lighting a good photograph can take some time, and I always prefer to prioritise quality over speed.


As each job is different please contact me for a tailor-made quote. Below you can find some general guidelines on the different elements to consider when pricing photography.

Photo-shoot rate:

A fixed rate covering travel time to and from the location, equipment set-up, styling, photography, and image post-processing. Calculated on a half-day (1-4hrs | up to 20 edited photographs included) or full day basis (4-8hrs | up to 30 photographs included).

Usage fee:

A variable fee to acquire permission to use a set of photographs under the terms and conditions stated in the Usage License. Usage Licenses allow the buyer to reproduce purchased photographs in a specific and restricted way, for a cost that reflects the extent of usage.

You might ask: Why not sell the copyright?

When granting exclusive, all-media, worldwide rights in perpetuity, a usage license can fulfil the same purpose for the buyer while allowing the photographer to retain artistic property and full control of where the work is reproduced.


Travel expenses and extra equipment fees. While I am able to carry out most assignments with my own equipment, some jobs may require additional equipment, such as lighting, special lenses, etc.

Are you ready to book, or do you have further questions? Drop me an email, and I will answer as soon as possible.