Born in a mountainous corner of Switzerland near the Italian border, I was first drawn to photograph my surroundings while studying History in the medieval city of Bologna. In 2012 I moved to London to attend an MA Photography at the University of Westminster where through the eyes of documentary photographers like Mark Power and Nadav Kander I developed a passion for architecture and urban landscapes.

Over the past four years, I cultivated an array of loyal clients including SNAS Architecture, Frank-architecture, Cave Interiors, Victoria Vogel Interiors, 21 Construction, Mormac Group and artists Sinta Tantra and Nick Hornby. My work has been featured in House & Garden, Wallpaper, Let’s Be Brief, Source and Lens Culture.

Conscious of the increasingly important role of aesthetics in our image-driven world, my mission is to allow each client’s vision to stand out, delivering high-quality architectural and interior photographs for promotional use on online and printed publication. Be it an architecture studio, an interior designer or a property developer, my image-making process always starts from a deep understanding of the client’s philosophy and goals. This, along with a meticulous eye for details and a deep understanding of post-processing techniques, allows me to highlight the attributes that make every building unique.